Attendance & Participation


Attendance is mandatory for this in-person, face to face class. There is not an option to attend class remotely.

You are allowed two absences. If you are absent for more than two, you may make up an additional one absence by meeting with me to make up the class session.  Further absences will result in the deduction of a 0.5% from your final grade for each missed class. If you miss a class, I do not need to know the reason why unless it is because of a death in the family or a religious holiday.

Lateness disrupts the entire class, especially in a discussion course like ours. If you are more than 15 minutes late, I will mark it as half an absence.


Active participation in the course is required and 20% of your overall grade.

Join class prepared to discuss the readings due that day and having explored the tools we will be learning. Plan on expressing your ideas, frustrations, questions, and confusions using your voice during class whenever possible. This is a discussion-based class, so we have the opportunity to delve deeply into issues.

Many class sessions will include a workshop session or time to work on your own project. Participation in these activities involves having a laptop with you and actively following along and using the learn/work time available.

Participation also extends to the online portal to the course, the Intro DH MSU 2022 Slack network. Slack serves as the central point of non-verbal communication during and outside of class meetings. You periodically will be required to post something in Slack before class about the readings and assignments. Doing so on time will count toward your overall participation grade. 

When you are unable to speak in class (due to e.g. anxiety, needing more time to collect your thoughts, etc ), you are encouraged to engage in discussion via Slack. Doing so will count toward your participation grade but cannot fully replace spoken discussion during class. 

Slack is also a space for airing questions and comments and sharing ideas and resources that don’t come up in class.  It is also a great place to share tangential thoughts and ideas that diverge from the main discussion but that you would like to share. Contributing to the conversation in Slack will help improve your participation grade.

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