Course Goals & Learning Objectives

The goals of this course are to:

  • explore a broad spectrum of perspectives on the digital humanities 
  • expose students to the process and decisions involved in creating digital humanities projects
  • engage with a variety of digital humanities tools in order to choose the most appropriate technology to facilitate different work in different situations
  • develop familiarity with a range of digital humanities projects, as well as the ability to evaluate the data, tools, and methods involved in creating those projects 
  • become more thoughtful, critical, and reflective users of digital tools, technologies, and spaces by understanding that all technologies are complex, socially situated, and political tools through which humans make meaning

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • critically discuss and evaluate digital humanities projects in light of current methods and theoretical approaches to the field 
  • explain how digital humanities methods and practices are applied in different disciplines
  • plan, develop, and execute a digital humanities research project
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