Grade Breakdown

20%Project Critiques (5 critiques, each worth 4%)
15%Project Critique Essay
5%Leading Class Discussion
15%Project Critique Essay
5%Reflection Essay
Final Project (Totals 35% of your final grade):
5%– Proposal
5%– Update
5%– Presentation
20%– Project

Late Assignments

Assignments are due at the beginning of the class period on the day they are due. Any assignment turned in after the deadline will lose 10% of the assignment grade. Assignments turned in very late may not be accepted. 

Grading Scale

This course uses MSU’s 4.0 grading scale. Credit will not be awarded for a score below 1.0 (59% or below).


Ethics and Academic Integrity

The field of digital humanities is based on values of collaboration, trust, and properly assigning credit for all work. In order to engage in this work throughout the semester, you will need to conduct yourself based on those values and practice the ethics that we preach in class. 

The work you submit must be produced originally for this class.

An additional expectation is that you will follow this basic ethical obligation: You should credit others’ contributions to your work. You should not claim, as your own, work (or writing) that is not your own. To do so is considered plagiarism.

It is perfectly appropriate for you to borrow graphics, to quote passages, and to use ideas from others. However, whenever you do that, follow appropriate conventions for citing and using your sources. In class, we will discuss ways of appropriately citing and crediting others, for example in using Creative Commons for searching and designating reuse opportunities for our own work.

Procedures for responding to cases of academic honesty and possible repercussions are outlined in Spartan Life: Student Handbook and Resource Guide.

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