Networks (9/23)

Due: Project Critique

Readings due

  • Demystifying Networks, Parts I & II, Scott B. Weingart, Journal of digital humanities 2011 (1.1)
  • Network Analysis for DH101, video series, Miriam Posner, 2016
    • Watch part 1 and the first 10 minutes of part 3. You can watch part 2 if you like, but it isn’t necessary. (She speaks at a measured pace, so if you want to watch at 1.25 speed, it may be helpful to adjust the video player settings to do so.)
    • DH101 Network Analysis 1 , Miriam Posner, 2016
    • Network Analysis for DH101, Part 3 , Miriam Posner, 2016

Project Critique Options


We will experiment with creating a network and analyzing its meaning using the tool Onodo. In advance of class:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Watch this tutorial video from the Digital Humanities Initiative at San Diego State University
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