Project Critique Essay (10/28)

15% of your overall class grade

After using the digital project evaluation template for the past five weeks, you are expected to be familiar with the process of exploring and analyzing digital projects as you encounter them.

For this Project Critique, you will be given three digital projects as options, and you will analyze ONE project. Use the project evaluation template as a guide. You can either structure your essay as a traditional essay, or you can use the evaluation template structure to answer each question in the evaluation individually. The key here is to be as thorough as possible, especially in your analysis of the effectiveness, success, and shortcomings of the project AND its underlying materials/data. Regardless of the structure you use, the critique as a whole should be a minimum of 1000 words (excluding the prompts etc).

Submit it as a pdf or Word doc in Slack as a direct message to Kristen by the beginning of class on October 28. Don’t forget to insert your name, the title of the project, and the project’s URL at the top of the document and to rename the file to include your name.

Grading Rubric

A successful essay:

  • Addresses all of the prompts/sections of the project evaluation template
  • Meets the minimum length requirement of 1000 words
  • Is thorough in its investigation of who is behind the project and where it comes from
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the underlying materials and/or data behind the project
  • Shows a nuanced view of the project’s successes and failures
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