Project Ideas and Planning (10/21)

Due: Project Ideas

Readings due

  • Best practice principles of designing your first project, Jennifer Guiliano and Simon Appleford, devdh, 2013 – you must listen to the 28 min audio (located below the slides) and look through the slides
  • Formulating a project’s guiding question, PM4DH: Project Management for the Digital Humanities, Emory University, Center for Digital Scholarship, 2016
  • Research Questions section, from Choosing and using sources: A guide to academic research, by Teaching & Learning Team, University Libraries, Ohio State University [p.5-26 in pdf version]
    • Note – the link above takes you to the introductory page of the Research Questions section – be sure to click on the “Contents” link in the top left to make sure you read all the pages within that section. You are not required to do the activities, but you are expected to read through them.
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